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Serenity Living - Des O'Connor - "The Healing Mentor" 
Wellness Practitioner/Teacher & Manifestation Mentor
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"They may forget what you said,but they will never forget how you made them feel."   -- Carl W. Buechner --

Des began her journey as a "Healer" when her son's Acupuncturist spoke the phrase, "You are a Healer," during one of her son's regular visits. She had never heard this term before. The Acupuncturist explained the world of Healing to her, and she was intrigued. The Acupuncturist was sure Des had a natural calling for it by the way she took care of her son with nothing more to go on than her own instincts.

Upon the urging of the Acupuncturist , Des visited Reiki Practitioner, and, as they say, the rest Is history. Once Des experienced her first Reiki attunement, she never looked back. It was obvious the years of nightmares Des and her son went through prepared her to be the Healer she is today. She has been where many of her friends, family and clients stand, wanting to find a way to enjoy health, happiness and harmony of life. Des has passion for sharing her journey and knowledge with all who blesses her with the their passion for how to achieve personal wellness in their lives.

Des is a certified Usui Reiki Master/ Instructor, Hanmi Healing Techniques & Crystal Healing ; trained in various Reiki modalities/techniques, Angelic & Ascended Master Energy Healing, and Buddhism Healing Buddha aka Medicine Buddha. Des is also a "Messenger of Divinity".

Serenity Living Testimonials:

• "I have had the benefit to experience Desi's natural healing power for 6 months now, at The Caring Place. Her talent of using the arts of a Reiki master combined with the energy of crystals has made a significant improvement to my general energy level. After having gone through a difficult cancer recovery period, Desi has helped create a positive healing impact with her mental imagery guidance and positive reinforcement during the sessions. I truly feel enriched and re-motivated to tackle my daily life challenges. Desi has taken Reiki to the next level, more than just relaxation and energy empowerment to a gentle life coaching art."

Peter B. (colon cancer survivor and now cancer conqueror)

• "Well, I could say what a great influence and friend you have been to my daughter and myself. You are an inspiring and courageous woman!! You work tirelessly to help to spread the Love and Light!! I especially appreciate how you have "been there" for my daughter, when she is down and depressed and just needs to talk to another woman!! I am so far away, I have not been much help to her the last two years. So thank you dear Lady, for following your own path, and becoming the healer and teacher that you are!!"

Love, Light, and Hugs
Dianne M. -

• "I am a metaphysically active person whose work often finds me in need of a "tune up". I am blessed to have found such powerful and compassionate healing ability in Des. Her skill is most profound, centered in a deep connection to the universe and pure heart. My sessions in her care are liberating both to my health and soul. It is a priceless gift to experience results like these. Her work is a cornerstone in the development of total wellness; both for the awakened self and the physical being."

Reverend Chris P.

"Dear Friends, Colleagues, Students and Patients of Des O'Connor:
I have known Des for about a two and a half years. Over the course of this time, I have been very impressed with the way Des expresses herself, the depth of her knowledge and experience with the healing arts and the unwavering thirst for knowledge she exhibits."

K. Miller
Owner - Energy Health Dynamics & Emotional Freedom -

• "I got to spend I lovely afternoon with Des. Not knowing what may happen I went with an open mind. I one of those people that say your forgiven and never mean it. Its sad but true I take a little pride in watching people who hurt me suffer. But after going over my reading with Des I realized it was hindering me not helping. The powerful crystal and oil really sent a message to my heart; saying "just let go". Not forgiving waste too much energy, forgiving is freeing."

One week after Aarika's manifestation coaching session, Aarika found a wonderful new job!

Aarika M.
Las Vegas, NV"

• Des is a very intelligent person in the mental and spiritual realm. She has a wonderful energy that radiates from her. Des is in touch with the life force energy in all of us and uses her strong connection to feel and sense her way through life. One of her best gifts is the ability to teach clearly and have patience for her students to learn."

Thank You. Greg, Southwest Healer -

Des O'Connor 
"The Healing Mentor"

Reiki Master & Teacher and Manifestation Mentor

Spiritual Dharma Titles::
"Padma Dorje" - Lotus Diamond Varja
"Jinpa Lama" - Goddess of Generosity
"FaNéng" - Abled & Skilled